Life & Death

Life & Death by robmercier00
Life & Death, a photo by robmercier00 on Flickr.

As hard as it can sometimes be, we can always look to nature to learn how life and death can (and must) coexist. They are opposites, contradictory in every way, and yet they must have each other. Death without life is simply non-existence. Life without death is… well it’s theory. Eternity. Infinity.

This scene is a great reminder that even among the most vibrant of life, if we look closer we will almost certainly find some death. We constantly struggle with death, yet it is all around us. We live with it, and yet we dare not embrace it. We fear it, and yet we need it. It is the inevitability of death that forces us to confront fear; to face it head-on, and to overcome it. If we are never going to die, what is the point of living?

Live each day on your terms. Never stop chasing your dreams. One day, when that inevitable day comes, as you look around and contemplate the ending that death brings, you will realize that all around you is life. Just as in life, you often look around and realize you are surrounded by death.


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