The Mission

The Mission by robmercier00
The Mission, a photo by robmercier00 on Flickr.

The inside of the original home of one of San Diego’s earliest governors. It’s a remarkable building, complete with multiple rooms, outdoor ovens, a courtyard and other amenities common to the rich and powerful of the day.

Yesterday’s photo featured editing done in Photoshop Elements 10. I was running a comparison between the less expensive Photoshop and the full CS5. This was edited using CS5 and the difference was night & day. Comparing it to the original CS (which is the version I have currently), Elements 10 was easier, smoother and faster. There were some layout things to get used to and not everything I wanted was there, but overall it was a more pleasant experience. The difference, then, between Elements 10 and CS5 was another order of magnitude easier and faster, and all of the familiar things were exactly where I expected them to be. It looks like we have a winner!

-Taken in Old Town, San Diego, CA


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