Chair by the Window

Chair by the Window by robmercier00
Chair by the Window, a photo by robmercier00 on Flickr.

Taken in the priest’s quarters in the governor’s compund in Old Town, San Diego. The Catholic church played a very important role in their daily lives; I wasn’t really aware of how prominent a role until I saw that within the governor’s compound, the on-site priest had a dedicated room. Something you don’t see today, but it underscored the importance of religion during a time we often associate with exploration, wild west shoot-outs and the expansion of a country.

HDR processing done with Photoshop CS5.


6 responses to “Chair by the Window

  1. This is just so beautifully captured…
    WOW Rob.. I’m wishing i was there now 🙂

    • Thank you so much! The entire place was just so beautiful. Trying to capture only a small part of it was, for me, one of the hardest things. Glad to hear that this photo may have gotten close to it! 🙂

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