The Forager

The Forager by robmercier00
The Forager, a photo by robmercier00 on Flickr.

This is another photo of the incredibly friendly squirrels around Cambria, CA. Granted, they’re only friendly because they’re looking for food but isn’t all interaction between people also built on some kind of benefit analysis? You choose your friends because of shared interests; the benefit being either the interest itself or the ability to enjoy on a deeper level with others who also enjoy it. You choose your place of employment because of prestige, monetary compensation or because it offers you the schedule you prefer (think “mother’s hours”). Studies have shown that people choose a spouse/mate/lover based on physiological characteristics; the implication being that we are only free-willed to a point. After that nature takes over (our species must continue, after all).

It’s always interesting to me that the very interactions we sometimes look upon with disdain (like this little guy being friendly in the hope of scoring some eats) are the very interactions we participate in with each other without fully realizing it. People will sometimes spend years trying to undo the animal instinct so they can be “more human”, but in the end, doesn’t that necessitate giving in to nature? We are, after all, only animals…


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