Futuristic San Diego

Futuristic San Diego by robmercier00
Futuristic San Diego, a photo by robmercier00 on Flickr.

One of the most amazing things about San Diego is that everywhere is a postcard photo waiting to be taken. Like this one, for example!

I’ll admit, I’ve also been totally loving the new Photoshop. The “merge to HDR” automation function, the improved speed…it even looks to my eye like the overall processing stays more true to the original image. This photo was a pretty good pic in its original incarnation, but the extra eye candy makes it really pop. And that, I’m finding, is a big part of what photography is to me. It’s great to take pics, it’s even better to take them and turn them into something extra special.

What about you? Where do you find inspiration? Do you prefer to snap photos and leave them natural, or do you also enjoy the art of processing? Is your art in the capture of the natural world, or is it in taking the natural and turning it into something existing only in your mind? I’m curious to know, please leave a comment below and tell me!


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