Just Another Day in Rural Paradise

Just another day in rural paradise

For these sheep, every day is the same. Eat some grass. Move to a different spot; eat more grass. Eventually they might get a haircut. But really, that’s about it and they seem ok with it. I mean, I’ve never heard one complain so I’m assuming they’re fine. But what about people? Some people do ok with the same thing day after day. We need those people to keep doing what they do so that we can get our coffee, for example (the young women working the Starbucks on my way to work are always smiling, happy folks. It’s a nice start to the morning).

But what about those people who need variety? You know, the ones who aren’t ok doing the same old thing day after day? For those people, it’s imperative to find a job (possibly a career) where they can do a few different things. Those people, like me and possibly like you, tend to have more creative brains, and it’s that creativity that constantly has the need to see, do, say, experience something different. If you’re one of those people, you definitely owe it to yourself to seek out satisfactory employment, where possible, and to find the variety if your employment seems more mundane. You’ll be happier, which will in turn make your work better, and it will also make those around you happier.


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