Fa La La

Fa La La

Well, it’s Friday, one week before Christmas. Are you taking a vacation? Are you taking time off? If not, you could be burning yourself out; making for a far less productive you. The balance isn’t there unless you’re using your time (both at work and away from work) wisely. Sore, we could all achieve a better balance between our work and personal lives, but for your own personal balance it’s got to start with you. If you haven’t taken time off because you’re afraid that no one can do your job and the world will stop, book that vacation now. If you’re afraid that things won’t get done because you’re not there and you’ll somehow be held responsible for that, book that vacation now. If you’re afraid your boss won’t let you use the vacation time you’ve earned (and really, why would this happen?), go ahead and book that vacation now. The bottom line is that you’ll be a lot more productive if you can achieve balance than if you’re always tipped to one side. Hey, it’s not my rule, it’s physics. So deck those halls and all that other fa la la. You’ve worked hard this year and you’ve earned it!


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