A Hazy Shade of…

Hazy Shade of ...

Ok, so let me tell you about what happens sometimes. Sometimes I upload a photo, I create a draft blog post, and I walk away from it for a little bit. I’m waiting to see if a blog post comes out of the photo, or if the photo needs to just stand on its own. Sometimes the words come pretty quickly. Other times not so much. Such was the case yesterday, when I completely left this post as a draft and never published it! I’m still going to count it, though, since I did the photo editing and everything for it yesterday, I just had a total brain fart and forgot to press “Publish”. In my defense, I’ve been crazy sick the past few days, to the point where yesterday I had to walk through events that I couldn’t quite remember happening just to make sure they really happened. Feeling better now, though, and wondering why all of that effected my ability to press a silly button. 😀

And now I walk away shaking my head…


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