San Fransisco from the Bay

San Fransisco Skyline 1

Today is a 2-for-1 day, because I couldn’t quite decide between two versions of the pic. Both pics are HDR, both of the San Fransisco skyline (as seen from the Bay), and both have a tilt-shift applied to give it a bit of a 3D quality. What I couldn’t decide between was the contrast level. The top one is a little lower contrast, and I think it doesn’t pop as much as the bottom one.

San Fransisco Skyline 2

The one has the curves adjusted slightly so the darks are a bit darker, while maintaining the lights level. To my eye this pops a little more, and helps with the 3D imagery. What do you think? Which one is your preference? I’m curious to know!


4 responses to “San Fransisco from the Bay

  1. I like the bottom one for crispness and I think it does pop more. But I like the more natural color of the sky in the first one. Hmmm….

  2. I’d have to agree with Susan. The bottom photo pops more with crispness, but doesn’t have quite the natural feel to it. It sort of has a cartoon or comic book feel to it to me. Like a colored in effect. I still like them both.

    • Thanks Cheri! I think an increased contrast on the top pic would bring it out a lot more without making it look cartooney. I can totally see what you’re saying, and I think I agree with it after looking some more at both pics.
      Thanks for the feedback!

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