Tracks Pt II

Tracks 2

This photo is a revisit of one of my earlier ones, only from a much different angle. It’s sometimes surprising to me how much different a scene can look when you change your angle slightly. Remember this the next time you’re negotiating, discussing, arguing, or pleading your case with someone. It may not be that they disagree, they’re just not looking at it from the right angle.

The same holds true for marketing. If your campaign is a flop or just didn’t perform as well as you expected it to, consider that it might have been your angle. Maybe your joke missed its mark. Maybe your subtle nod toward some obscure movie didn’t resonate with your audience (This one happens often, unfortunately). Maybe the timing was off (also happens often). Whatever the cause, it’s always worth looking at how you might rework it to try it again. The same holds true for a successful campaign, by the way. You can always revisit something that was successful and tweak it to make it either more successful or more flop-tastic.

Once you realize you have this power, please use it responsibly. There’s nothing worse than reworking something that’s bad, making it worse and then wondering why it failed again.


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