Whale of a Tale

Whale Tale

It’s been one of those days today. You know, when you realize all of a sudden that it’s time to go home, and you still have loads of things to do at work. Not that I didn’t get a lot done while I was there, mind you… there just seems to be more waiting when one thing fets done. As a result, I wasn’t able to take a new pic today, and therefore didn’t actually get to post anything until just now. So I grabbed one from the archives, touched it up a little bit, and posted it. I’ll hopefully be back on track tomorrow, but in the meantime, enjoy this little glimpse of summer in New England.


6 responses to “Whale of a Tale

  1. I like that the focus of this picture emulates the kind of day you had. You know it’s important but you only barely catch it as you blur on by. Thanks for the reminder to take a moment and appreciate the bits and pieces of life.

  2. Totally! If you’re skimming, you’re likely to miss it entirely. That’s the perfect way to describe it.

  3. This is absolutely stunning

  4. Love what you did with this photo. One of my favorites of your photo project so far!

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