Blur Bird

Blur Bird

I took this photo, and I was generally happy with the way it came out: The background has been blacked out by the use of direct flash on the subject, the detail on the subject is visible, and the wood rings and tremendous craftsmanship are evident. The two things I’m not happy with, though: The focus is off; something I was not aware of until I viewed the image at a larger size than the camera’s LCD; and the direct flash did leave some residual light spots on the subject. Both can be corrected for next time, as I can ensure the focus is on the area I intend by just being more aware and more careful where I’m aiming, and the direct flash can be further diffused to give the same amount of light without leaving specific spots of light.

Like I said, overall I’m happy with it; but next time I know what to do to make it even better!


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