Sometimes it’s good to go back to basics. It can remind you of all the little things you may have forgotten along the way, and it can also help you to refine those techniques that may have eluded you at the beginning. It’s true of everything, really. From photography to marketing to programming to relationships; a quick refresher on the basics can help you propel forward when you get stuck in a rut. It can also help you see those same basics in a whole new light. Approaching them from the perspective of a beginner means you’re behind the technique. Approaching from the perspective of an intermediate or advanced practitioner means you’re coming at it from in front. You’ve got more time and attention to focus on all of the details.

The point here is not that you’ve got to always be pushing yourself. On the contrary, while it’s great to always be pushing yourself, it’s even better to take the occasional backward step. So stop for a second. Take a breather. Focus on something you already know, and try to really master it. You may discover something new in the process, which is really the best kind of refresher, isn’t it?


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