Anyone who lives near the seacoast will tell you that seagulls are a royal pain in the ass. There’s no sugar coating it, there’s no way to make the language safe for work, they are a huge pain your entire ass and you know it. But guess what? They can do something you can’t do. They can fly. That means that for as much loathing as they endure; as much as they are maligned and hated, as much as people throw things at them and curse them out every day of their (relatively) short lives, they are still beter than you at that one thing. And for that, they deserve some respect. ‘Wait, what??’ I can hear you saying. That’s right I said they deserve your respect for that one thing. Just hear me out.

Everyone has something they’re really good at. Everyone, no matter how much they may feel like they don’t contribute, brings something to the table. The trick is to figure out what that thing is and utilize it. I’m the first one to admit, whenever I feel like I’m becoming a one-trick pony, I’m using that one trick as far as it’ll take me. The key is finding that trick. The seagull analogy is really just an analogy, and you shouldn’t stop disliking them. (Please don’t throw things at them, though, that’s just not nice.) But the point is that you’ve got to find you’re niche. Your trick. Your flight. The one thing that makes you stand out. The one thing that you can do differently than anyone else. This is true when you’re interviewing for jobs; it’s true after you’ve gotten the job; it’s true in the hockey rink, on the basketball court, and on the football field.

Once you find that niche, own it. Don’t be discouraged that someone else has their niche. Let them have it. If you’ve got yours, you’re ahead of the game. Because there are a lot of people out there who try to be everything for everybody, and are failing at it. And there are a lot more people trying to convince those poor souls that they need 100 different skills just to get ahead in this world. They’re wrong. For some reason everyone seems to be looking for decathletes: those 1-in-a-billion folks who don’t just do one thing well, they do 10 things well. Those folks are not only hard to find, but they’re hard to employ. Those people are better served being the employers. They wear many hats because that’s their thing; and they’re damn good at it. They don’t just soar, they soar, float, swim, shoot lasers out of their eyes and then cook you up a gourmet meal with the forks and knives that just aprouted out of their hands. That’s just not practical for the majority of people.

So go ahead and soar if that’s your thing. Tell them all to go to hell, and that I said it’s ok.


2 responses to “Soar

  1. I like the picture and the sentiment, but I still want to shoot lasers out of my eyes.

    • I can’t say that I blame you for that hahaha. Might as well shoot for it (no pun intended), worst that can happen is you look silly staring at people with a “shooting-lasers/constipated” look on your face all the time.

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