Down the Road

Down the Road

Here we are, the final day of my project 365 (err…366). Last year at this time I started on this journey, mainly to help catalogue the tremendous number of photos I took on vacation that year. It turned into a little more, as I sprinkled in some new photos and became a lot more acquainted with my camera and my editing software. It’s been a wonderful journey, and I thank you for joining me. This isn’t the end, though. I’ll still be taking photos, editing photos, posting photos… and I’ll also start getting back to the original intent of this blog, which was more than photography. Watch this space for more photos, as well as general blog posts, marketing and social media related blog posts, and whatever else catches my attention at the moment (that was, after all, my original goal in starting this blog).

Thank you all very much, and I’ll see you down the road a little ways!


4 responses to “Down the Road

  1. Very nice DOF!!! Cheers Nonoy Manga

  2. It was a great year!!! Glad you shared, Rob. 🙂

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