Content marketer. Social media advisor. Photographer. Hockey player. Musician. Recording engineer. Teacher. These have all been used to describe what I do (at various points in my life), but the reality is I’m a facilitator. I’m a utility player for whatever team I’m playing for. What this means is that I can do a little bit of a lot of things. On the ice, I’m a forward, defenseman or goalie, depending on what the team needs. I’m more of an arranger than a songwriter, because that’s how I hear the music. I can write songs, but I work better in collaboration with others. I can then take the group’s ideas and flesh them out, taking the individual pieces and turning them into a finished product.

I fell into marketing sort of by accident, but I learned quickly that all the skills that I used in my other activities were perfectly suited to content and social marketing. Repurposing content for various marketing channels? Yeah, that’s the same as arranging music to me. I always try to see the different angles, and then figure out the best approach to solving the problem. That could be how to generate leads, how to drive downloads or page views, how to capture a song in the studio or how to mix a live performance and make the room come alive. I started to explore photography as a creative outlet, and quickly realized that seeing the world slightly different than other people was a valuable skill.

This blog is a way for me to document the various ideas that I have about marketing, photography, philosophy, social media, and what makes us human. I hope you enjoy; and I hope to glean some useful knowledge.


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  1. This is a great blog from what i have seen so far and you have some great content. I hope you keep it up.

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